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At M. Swabb we want to take beautiful design to another level. Throughout our experiences in working with such a diverse and expansive cliental we have strengthened our knowledge and expertise in understanding the effect our homes have on our emotional, physical and mental well being. 

Our fresh approach to projects by setting intentions for what our clients desire within their home, in this moment as well as the future has proven remarkable results in both the authenticity of the overall esthetic and individual productivity. 

Whether this membership is being considered for new projects or maintaining the esthetic of projects we have worked on in the past we think this service is an exceptional way to keep your home feeling balanced with your daily routine and future prospects. 

We see The Goodness Service as a universal connection to the energy in your home or office. 

This monthly membership includes the following services. 

Transcend Membership

Includes up to two hours of personal in home sessions. 

Intention setting

Fresh concepts for your home. Including preliminary specifications. 

One hour of personalized shopping "excludes product costs"

Time allocated per month: 5 hrs. 

Bliss Membership

Includes up to one hour of personal in home sessions. 

Intention Setting

Fresh concepts for your home. Including preliminary specifications

Time allocated per month: 2.5 hours. 

We realize that not everyones needs are the same, so if you are looking for a different approach to change or just want a fresh set of eyes on your space this might be the service for you. 

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