At M. Swabb Interior Design Studio, we are super busy running our business + always on the lookout for tools that help make things more efficient, operationally. We want to focus on the things that matter most (see: our clients!) and are excited to share more about a tool we found that helps with the back-end work so we can focus on the front end work (see: designing, execution, client meetings, traveling, shopping, logistics + more!).

Based on our extensive research and experience with other software, Houzz Pro is our top choice for managing all your business needs and communicating with clients. Not only is it the top choice for our design studio, but each of our designers + staff use it in a totally different way! For example, some of us use Houzz Pro for product research and specifications, while other staff members use the room board and mood board tools to share visual concepts and more detailed ideas with clients.

We also use it to showcase more detailed ideas to our clients and utilize various Houzz editorial articles to help clients better understand the way their projects will come to life. We believe that Houzz Pro is the future for designers and we love to see our business thrive by having more time to do what we love while Houzz Pro does the rest!

Using Houzz Pro, We Have Been Able to:

● Increase productivity + efficiency by centralizing essential business tasks in one place

● Source product specs + images from vendors’ sites into a digital library of products using the clipper tool

● Create beautifully branded documents, including proposals, tear sheets, room boards, invoices, + purchase orders.

● Get paid faster by invoicing + collecting clients payments online

● Manage payment and furniture schedules. This is important to constantly be steps ahead of our clients' needs while managing their projects.

Here are a few reasons why we love it:

Easy to Learn + Easy to Use

● We love that Houzz Pro is extremely user-friendly

● Houzz Pro was specifically created for designers

● You no longer have to know all the nitty gritty of accounting to run a successful firm through a design software

Growing our business

● When we switched to Houzz Pro from other interior design-specific software, we were able to manage projects more effectively

● Houzz Pro brings the trade industry into the modern age by streamlining and automating a design firm’s workflow and business operations, including procurement, client billing, vendor purchasing, and time tracking.

● Houzz Pro keeps us at the forefront of what is cutting edge in the design industry because of the information and access we have.

● If we ever get stuck on an aspect of a project or ways to gain new business, we look to Houzz + it’s wide array of industry information to help us process what next steps we can take to keep the growth moving.

Access to a Network of Design Professionals

● Houzz Pro is all about community + is truly invested in helping designers to be successful

● The community that exists on the platform has been invaluable to our team. The professional community on Houzz and our Houzz customer support representative have all revolutionized our business platform and the way we communicate with clients daily. Having access to anything we need for our clients under one platform has been a game changer for the way we run our company.

● Houzz Pro has created a space for other industry professionals to share stories, tools, documents, and so much more

Click here to schedule a demo to learn more about Houzz Pro. The Houzz Pro team will walk you through the platform and show you how it can work to support your unique business model!

Please note I'm a Houzz Pro Ambassador. However, all information included in this post is real based on my firm’s experience. All opinions are my own.

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