How to support your children and young adults by surrounding their space with love.

Research shows your surroundings can impact your emotional and day to day productivity. We at M. Swabb see our children and younger adult spaces often neglected and wanted to take a moment to call attention to some helpful ways to better support the growth and development of our young ones as they navigate the world through their own lens.

If your child's space is in disarray it can impact them more than you think. Just as adults need work environments and or serene surroundings to help us be productive, process, or stimulate us in positive ways, our children need the same.

We are setting the foundation for the way they interact with their environments, so let’s ask ourselves:

Are we supporting them by keeping their rooms organized and functional?

Are we surrounding them with inspiration and allowing for a sense of ownership and confidence?

Are we listening to them, knowing how they respond to change - understanding them as an individual and embracing all their quirks and distinctions?

This goes beyond pretty spaces. Just as you are unique and have desires and dreams, like the way that house down the street always catches your eye because its how you see your future- or how that classic car speaks to you because you could see yourself in it living the life you want for yourself - your child has those same desires. Seek them, help them express themselves, and teach them to be proud of their life.

So, here are some helpful tools. :)

Keep their space balanced - I always recommend if you are considering accent walls in a room you paint two walls - one that touches the bed and the other wall that gets great light or holds a window.

Choose calming colors, an accent color that stimulates your child - something they can grow into.

Reflect where they are - I know its difficult for most to update kids bedrooms regularly as they grow but if you can meet them where they are by updating decor, bedding artwork that’s a great start. It's very important the furniture in your child's room is proper for the scale of their room, its important if they are growing out of life stages their furniture grow with them.

For example - if your child is starting Kindergarden, this is a perfect time to update their little kid furniture to big kid furniture - if they are moving to middle school - it might be time to assess their space and support them through the transition. Help them be excited about life and what's to come by embracing whats next.

Organization - We often see over consumption in homes - if you can make a tradition of purging your child's room a few times a year that's highly recommended. A fun way to do this might be to discuss the benefits of giving to those that have less and how amazing it feels to welcome the new by giving the old.

Try your best to install shelving or bookcases so you can use toys as art and get as much off the floor as possible.

If you can have toys and books organized this is really beneficial for the future of our children and creates the habit of being mindful that everything has a place and we should respect our surroundings.

For our older kids or young adults - we recommend you have them look at what they are holding on too - stacks of paper or clothing that isn't suitable should be assessed - try and make this experience as positive as possible and express the benefits of allowing for more, not holding on to what is no longer serving us.

Ask your children, how do you want your space? Try experimenting with them on how they see themselves, it might open you up to learn something new about them too.

We are here to help - if you ever need some assistance during these transitions give us a call and connect with us!

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