Artwork DIY and spotlighting some of our FAVORITES!

I must admit, sourcing artwork for clients is either the easiest or most challenging part of our process.

I believe the reason for this is because artwork is incredibly subjective to the way one sees or wants to see the world. We can go all in on texture, color, vibe or intention in someones space, but when it comes to going abstract or classic/pop or folk it ultimately depends on the client’s final gut reaction.

As a person who has practiced interior design for more than 10 years, I am drawn to art that moves the soul. This includes pieces I see at flea markets, antique shops, wine and art shows (my fav - killing two birds with one stone) and galleries all over the world.

To be honest, I don’t LOVE buying a piece of art just to fill a space - when we are designing a room in someone’s home or a space that is meant to inspire them it should mean something right?

So I have come up with a helpful tool for the clients that don’t really know what their style is, or what they want to look at almost everyday.

Choose 7 words that best describe what they want their life to look like - what are they calling into their lives?

This usually looks a little something like this.

1. Happiness

2. Family

3. Abundance

4. Travel

5. Security

6. Healthy living

7. Growth

These 7 words are exactly what should be the main inspiration around selecting artwork for your home or space - if you are calling happiness in - select happy colors or artwork that brings joy into your life. If you are all about family - now is a great time to create that stunning family gallery wall you have been putting off. Abundance - why not look for artwork that speaks to what that looks like to you. I am a huge fan of @ashleylongshoreworld who’s killer paintings specifically call abundance into life. Travel - that’s an easy one, where do you want to go? Where do you you want to go again? Frame that place and everyday see yourself there, I am sure you will experience that place in real life in the near future.

The list goes on but the concept remains the same. As many of us are home right now, staring at bare walls that don’t inspire us whatsoever, make a list and take control over your everyday reality and what comes next.

Here are a list of some of my favorite artists and sources for artwork:

Lauren Williams Art - We are seriously Lauren Williams addicts - for us, her one of a kind textured pieces are perfect for those awkward places that are screaming for a focal or detail to tie the entire space together. I am particularly drawn to her colors that seem to just make the room feel so calm and cozy.

Artwork by Lauren Williams - Bedroom by M. Swabb

Elissa Barber - LOVE the simplicity of her artwork, perfect for an unconventional family portrait and she provides options for large pieces which are key for those massive walls you don’t want to over clutter. Don’t mistake her minimalist approach as easy though - her art is drawn in one fell swoop so its extra special. Send her a picture of your family and she will come back with a one of a kind special sketch.

Artwork by Elissa Barber - Living Room by M. Swabb

As mentioned before - Ashley Longshore - A dear friend of mine introduced me to her instagram page years ago and I have to say in my personal and very humble opinion alongside Banksy I feel like she might just be one of the most inspirational artists of our time. Her artwork is all about being an individualist - to go after what, and to really think about what I want, what I am calling into my life and to not hold back on getting it.

Art by Ashley Longshore

Later this week we will be spotlighting a lot about our favorite resources, shops, and artists both near and far. More to come - stay safe out there and we hope you use this time to love the little things in life.

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