Tips to Live by: Pillow Talk

Happy 2019 from M. Swabb Decor + Style, friends. Recently you asked for tips, and we're giving you tips! We'll be sliding into the new year with a new blog series: Tips to Live by. We'll be sharing some of our most tried and true tips + tricks to help you elevate your space in the new year. Today we're starting off Tips to Live by with a personal favorite of ours, decorative pillows.

If there's one decor tip we swear by at M. Swabb, it's a thoughtfully curated throw pillow combination. Dare I say, it's kind of our thing. Throw pillows give you the opportunity to add pops of unexpected color, playful pattern, and luxurious texture to your space. Looking for ways to switch up your style + space in the new year? Swapping out your pillows might just be the trick to breathe new life into your home. Keep reading for our how to's and tricks to intentionally selecting the perfect decorative pillows.

1. Polyester vs. Down Inserts.

Listen up, because this is a big one. Before a throw pillow ends up in your cart, instead of focusing on the exterior of the pillow, take a moment to focus on what's inside of the pillow. Most more cost effective pillows are poly filled, and while they may look great on the shelf, they tend to end up dull and lifeless in your home. At M. Swabb, we always opt for down filled throw pillows over synthetic polyester filing. Down filled pillows are shapeable, can be fluffed and chopped (you know we love a good chop) keeping your home looking freshly styled. While down inserts can be pricier, these will last you 5-10 years, while synthetic pillows have a life span of 1-2 years. Over the look of your current pillows? Swap out your covers and reuse your down inserts.

2. Get Playful with Pattern.

Don't be afraid to go wild with your patterns, and try to stay off the path of contrived matching. This might sound frightening, but hear us out. Mixing unexpected patterns, soft neutrals + texture is the key to the perfect pillow combo. A good rule of thumb? Incorporate a healthy mix of large patterns paired with smaller, more delicate patterns. Try mixing abstract or floral patterns with geometric or linear patterns for a thoughtfully curated look, and adding in neutrals to soften the look.

3. Pull in Texture.

Texture is a key element in styling + elevating the feel of your home. Fringed details, lush velvets, linen, chunky knits, and woven naturals will add a touch of interest in your space, adding depth to your pillow combo.

4. Be Unexpected with Color.

Settle on your color palette, but be flexible about it. Find ways to introduce unexpected pops of color to work within your palette, pull in varying shades of the colors in your palette, and balance your bright hues with neutral earth tones.

5. Layer it Up.

At M. Swabb Decor + Style, we believe in layering on the throw pillows so you can sink into comfort. Your down insert throw pillows will add an extra comfy touch to both your bed + sofa. On your bed, add larger 26"X26" pillows to the back, layer on your smaller pillows to the front, and top off your mix with a lumbar pillow. On the sofa, try creating clusters of pillow combinations for the ultimate styled look.

There you have it, our favorite tips + tricks to styling your decorative pillows and keeping your space fresh. Thanks for following along on our first Tips to Live by! Something specific you want to hear from M. Swabb in the new year? We'd love to hear.

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