Indigo Girls

While we're all for putting Millenial Pink in our hair and Kale Green in our smoothies, when it comes to decorating a space, our go-to is Indigo! This beautiful hue is more than just a letter in Roy G. Biv's last name – it's what we at M.Swabb consider a staple color. Where some might put a beige or grey, we'll happily supply indigo. When paired with yellows or turquoises it creates midcentury modern class. Mix it with silver or brass and you get instant glam!

We'll never say no to a navy, but indigo and white elevates a space from preppy beachouse to cool oceanside pad. It instantly feels fresh and never weighs down a space. Indigo can be used in small doses – pillows, artwork, even a collection of teacups on your open shelving.

But don't be afraid to use it on big ticket items too – rugs, draperies, or best of all, sofas. The obvious choice for a big and long-lasting piece such as a sofa is a calm neutral, a blank canvas to let other colors shine – but imagine really going there with an indigo sectional! Make it a velvet indigo and we'll love you forever (high-performance velvet of course!).

So long as there are a thousand shades of blues in the world – and there are! - we'll always love indigo. It's got us feeling closer to fine.

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