Tilin' and Profilin'

Tile has come a long long way in recent years. When we think of a design-worthy tile, we think of the eponymous subway tile in New York, the pale pink and lime green tiles of old Los Angeles homes (back when they thought led and aspestos were good for growing girls and boys), or even the beautiful Portugese mosaics our girl Corrie knows and loves. Nowadays, with horizontal white subway tile dominating the market, we like to keep it fresh with some not-so-obvious choices and patterns.

When it comes to tile, we don't like resting on our laurels. The typical shape might be a rectangle, but since when do we go for typical? Embrace your honeycombs, your rhombuses (rhombi??), your arabesques! Of course, we never go too crazy with our patterns – you wouldn't wear stripes with polka dots and plaid, would you? Throw a rectangle in there for good measure and to stop your bathroom from feeling like an acid trip.

And don't forget that tile is a wall and floor covering – essentially a paint, a wallpaper, or a rug. Our clients know that M.Swabb doesn't shy away from color. We wouldn't leave you with beige walls and a beige carpet, so why should tile be any different?

We're craving our next tile fix, so anyone who's getting burnt out on white subway, you know where to find us!

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