Summer Time and the Livin' is Easy

July 12, 2017

At M. Swabb, we're lucky enough to have sunshine 364 days a year – that one day it rains, we do our taxes and dust the ceiling fans. This means that patios and decks are just another room in the house that get used every day, like a laundry room (do you hate us yet?). And that's exactly how we treat our outdoor spaces – why shouldn't such an important extension of your house get all the same comforts of home?


Throw Pillows



We mix solids, patterns, and textures the same way we would in your living room. Outdoor fabrics have got a nasty rap for being covered in anchors and lighthouses, but with companies like Sunbrella and Perennials making incredible fabrics, your outdoor no longer needs to look like a bad beach house rental.



Floor Coverings



We'd never omit a rug from your living room or dining room, so why should your outdoor entertainment areas go without? Even a balcony should have a 2 x 3! Outdoor floor coverings aren't just limited to rugs though – consider a fun tile or pea stone.



Soft, soft, soft



Again, outdoor areas can come under fire for being uncomfortable or boring – think scratchy polyester, or worse, terry cloth! Sure, outdoor pillows should have a polyester fill versus our usual cozy down, but consider a soft throw, cushy pouf, and draperies! 



Mixing Materials

And here's the most important lesson of all – please do not think your patio should be made up of all matching pieces! You wouldn't put a matching bed, nightstands, and dresser in your bedroom, so why subject your outdoor area to that harsh treatment? At M.Swabb, we mix all-weather wicker with iron, concrete, wood, you name it! The more a space can feel layered and collected the better!



And yes, that is what our city looks like most of the time, want to visit?


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