Two Green Thumbs Up

We at M.Swabb look to a lot of women to give us interior inspiration, ranging from Kelly Wearstler (homegirl can design a lamp!) to Jackie Kennedy, who revamped the entire White House, all while wearing pearls and a Chanel dress. But we need to give props to one woman in particular, the first woman – that's right, I'm talking all about Eve! Did she have a mansion? No. Did she even have a pup tent? Heck no. But the home she did have was a garden, and we know a lot about bringing a garden home!

We consider trees, flowers, succulents, you name it, to be an important accessory – right up there with throw pillows and coffee table books. Greenery makes a room feel fresh and alive! We employ natural material and textures like sisal and marble, but what's more natural than nature itself? Here a few ways we like to bring the outside in:

  1. In an etagere or bookshelf

Sure, you want to impress your friends by stocking everything from the New York Times bestseller list, but to keep your little library from looking stale, mix in a few potted plants – bonus points for anything with tendrils!

  1. In a sleepy corner

We've all been there – you've finished filling the room with lamps, tables, and chairs, but there's still that one place that feels incomplete. When you've filled your quota on rectangles and circles, consider a shape that goes outside the box – a tree!

  1. In a “mundane” room of your house

We have no problem with accessorizing a kitchen or bathroom, but putting a few too many objets on your counter top can start to read Hoarders, so why not add a plant? Every time you water yourself you can water it too!

  1. Hanging from the walls or ceiling

We like to use greenery as a form of art, whether it be air plants hanging in baubles or a living wall. Because in the end, isn't a beautiful flower or a pretty sunset better than any masterpiece in the Louvre?

So next time you're at Home Depot, or even the flower section of Trader Joes, pick up something that's going to make your home feel like paradise. Just watch out for snakes!

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