A walk through memory lane.

It's always fun wrapping up a project and scanning through my phone for the original images of the house before the design process began. This project was exciting to us for many reasons. Our clients Maeve and Peter have this electric energy - maybe it comes from there Irish roots? Whatever the case, we were all in.

What really sparked the inspiration behind this project is color ... Maeve and Peter have a great eye for art and you can instantly tell they have some serious traveling under their belts. When we come across clients that appreciate good art, unique finds and are not afraid of "mixing it up" we are in design heaven.

One of the items not on their original "change it list" was the entry chandelier. We discussed it, but felt holding off and allowing the shape of the house to come together would make our final selection stand out amongst the rest. Some things are truly worth the wait because these hand blown jug pendants in varied sizes and colors just gave this house that final touch of jewelry that sets the tone.

Their dining room furniture was fairly new but the room lacked charm - we changed the chandelier out for the cadiz shown below which adds a soft and airy touch to the space. Don't be scared to add warmth with metallic tones and the perfect shade of paint.

The living room demanded a much larger sofa, we opted for juxtaposing several styles, textures and colors here to express an eclectic yet comfortable space for the entire family to enjoy.

Lastly, The master bedroom just needed some finishing touches. Simple linen drapery, great round metallic mirrors and a cozy lounge area for the couple to enjoy - maybe hold meetings or fall asleep while enjoying their incredible view of Del Mar.

This is the balcony located off the master bedroom - As you can see in the "before's" below - this space really came to life with mixtures of blue tones, texture - tons of greenery and comfortable furniture.

Here are the image from our initial meeting.


Thank you so much Maeve and Peter for giving us the opportunity to add a little more color in your life- we are so thankful to have taken this journey with you!

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