Farewell Magic Maker

Yesterday we said goodbye to our Magic Maker. Alissa joined our team back in early March and quickly won over our hearts. I remember her walking to our front door and dropping off a impressive matte wrapped box that perfectly housed a flash drive with her resume and details. I was impressed by the presentation and initiative to get the job.

We were also impressed with ourselves when she said she had been following us on Instagram for a year back in Texas before moving to San Diego with her boyfriend. Alissa wanted to pursue a career in Interior Design and with such great eye for detail we took a leap and could not have been happier we did.

The girls and I wanted to share a few memories and fun facts we know about Alissa Johnson - hopefully this will entertain you on your trip to Chicago.


Memory :

I will always cherish the memory of the time I was blown away by your dancing skills in Las Vegas. Right before you dropped your phone and it was trampled to death.

Fun Fact:

She instantly rolls the window down when anyone sneezes in the car - especially me.

Fun Fact #2 - She has to eat every 30 minutes - or watch out.



- Alissa would try and punk us, but her face always gave her away.

Fun Fact:

- She was always eating egg white and looking apologetic.



- I will always remember the times we would be installing and you were so eager to learn, it took no time at all for you to know exactly what tools we needed and you always had a smile on your face.

Fun Fact:

- Whenever she eats, about 25% of the food lands on her lap.



- That one time we spent about an hour and a half assembling a box spring only to discover we put it together completely wrong and had to do it over - we laughed hysterically.

Fun Fact:

- She spray tans more than she showers.

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