‘And The Oscar Goes To…’

With the 88th Academy Awards taking place this Sunday, we thought it would be fun to look back on all the beautiful set designs from nominated movies going back as far as 1961. If the Academy would let us give out interior design Oscars, the set designers of these four movies would all have a little gold statuette sitting in their (presumably beautiful) homes.

The 34th Academy Awards: Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Okay, so maybe Holly Golightly was a glorified call girl, but that doesn’t mean she didn’t have great style! We love the monotone color palette with pops of pink, polished concrete floors, open shelving, and the cowhide rug – a trend which has firmly made its way back into fashion. But above all, every time I watch this movie, I get a kick out of the bath tub sofa. Nowadays we perish the thought of sawing a clawfoot tub in half, but I’m guessing one of Golighty’s “suitors” had a spare lying around.

The 40th Academy Awards: The Graduate

It was hard to pick just one scene from The Graduate’s beautiful midcentury set and so many images of this movie stick in our minds: Benjamin B’s single story ranch house with the iconic pool and diving board; the scene-of-the-crime hotel with its black and white tiled entry way; and, of course, the glass paneled church where I fully intend to get married someday. But nothing is so memorable as the Robinsons’ bar. While Benjamin was checking out the arched-leg Mrs. Robinson, I was checking out her white curved-back barstools, the tufted leather sofa, the jungle of snake plants, and, who could forget, the black and white striped awning?

The 82nd Academy Awards: The Blind Side

The M.Swabb team will laugh at me for picking this one, but it goes without saying that The Blind Side would have a beautiful set – after all, Leanne Tuohy, adoptive mother of NFL offensive lineman Michael Oher, was (and still is) an interior designer. While definitely leaning towards the traditional, The Tuohy house is a beautiful representation of good style in the 21st century: hardwood floors, neutral colors, and millwork as far as the eye can see! We can only hope Leanne’s Memphis home is just as beautiful.

The 86th Academy Awards: American Hustle

I couldn’t write this post without letting American Hustle get a little attention. The set design, as well as costuming, in this movie is fun, frivolous, and everything we dreamt New York in the 1970s would be! Okay, maybe you won’t exactly be asking your interior designer to match your walls to your bedspread after watching this movie, but the overall vibe of edginess and eclecticism is one that M.Swabb infuses in every project. Why not wallpaper a powder bath with a retro print or pair teal dining chairs with your conference table? I’m sure you have the wrap dress to pull it off!

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