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With 2016 brings change, and so we've decided to start a new blog feature where we'll showcase our favorite tables, chairs, rugs, etc. We always work towards one cohesive design that expresses our client's personality and the M.Swabb brand, but individually we bring different styles to the table. So in our debut blog post, we're going to take a look at which chairs most represent our design ethos.


The Eames Lounge Chair was created in 1956 by Ray and Charles Eames. Their desire was to combine luxurious leather with the molded plywood style they had perfected in the 40s. Maegan loves it because not only is it so iconic in the furniture world, but it's 100% comfortable as well. It's also a chair that hasn't gone out of style since the midcentury. And above all, Maegan praises this chair for its versatility – not only could it fit in homes or offices of many styles (transitional, contemporary, midcentury modern) but it also works so well in individual spaces, including your husband's study, your kid's room, or the master bedroom.


This hanging rattan chair is from Serena & Lily, but there are many other versions out there. The chair is inspired by a Scandinavian design from the 1960s. Corrie likes this chair because, ultimately, it's so much fun! But on a design level, she likes that it's light and airy. Add a fur and a pillow to make a cozy to spot to read and enjoy some tea.


Like the previous two chairs, the Egg Chair comes straight out of the midcentury. Designed by Arne Jacobsen in 1958, it was first commissioned for the lobby and reception rooms of a Danish hotel. Melinda loves this chair because it's fun and comfortable. She says it may not fit into every home like the Eames Lounge Chair, but it immediately brings a sense of design and sophistication to whichever room it's in.


The Louis Ghost Chair was created by designer Philippe Starck for Kartell. Its origins are obvious – it is a transparent polycarbonate version of the classic Louis XV chair from the early 1700s. I like it because it's a modern take on a timeless design, and therefore can be paired with more traditional furniture like the desk above or as a dining chair for a rustic farmhouse table. But honestly, this chair would look beautiful just sitting in a corner with a pile of books stacked on the seat.

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