The Hearth and the Heart

Now that we're at the frozen heart of winter, one particular feature of the home has become a constant in our daily lives – the fireplace. Quotidienne as it may seem, your fireplace can actually be an important and impressive design feature in your home. There are many different finishes and features which can be applied to a less than stimulating hearth of the home, and we've listed a few below:


Tile is an easy and fun way to add some life to your fireplace. The tile above is a little out there, and you can definitely play it down with simple mosaic or subway tile. Consider the feel of the rest of your home. Does it lean Mediterranean? In that case, find some tile like the one on the right, which will make your fireplace feel original to your home. Is your space more classic and traditional? Then consider the case work paneling of the pictures below.

Case Work

Planked Wood

Planked wood can take the atmosphere of your home in several different directions. Painted planked wood can feel nautical and Hamptons-esque, whereas the reclaimed variety above will warm up your space. To really make a statement, take the wood all the way to the ceiling.


If you already already have a brick or stone surround and don't see yourself ripping it down any time soon, consider painting it to accomplish a cleaner and more unified look. We tend to err on the side of white as it feels more natural than a bright pop of color.


In a lot of the pictures of above, the standard moulded mantelpiece has been replaced with a wood beam, a method we like to employ in many of our houses as it keeps your space feeling original and unique. Another fun idea for a mantelpiece is to use live edge wood, as in the image above. Just make sure the wood is treated, sealed, and securely attached to the wall!

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