T-3 Days To Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is rapidly approaching us, and although the first thing you may be thankful for is that it's happening a few days later this year, the holiday still kind of snuck up on us. Thanksgiving is all about food and eating (okay, okay, and it's about gratitude, family, celebration) so that means your dining table – or TV tray in front of the game, we don't judge – is going to be the pièce de résistance. “But wait, Susie, I have to baste the turkey four days early, buy new snowpants for Junior, and pick up Aunt Helen from LAX”, you're probably quietly whispering to yourself right now, “I don't have time to go searching through the mall for place settings!”. Fear not, reader, for I have laid out a very clear shopping list for you to buy items (or similar items) at stores within a 10 mile radius of your home.

But first our inspiration:

Note how pumpkins, greenery, and gold are the major players in the tables above. You really can't go wrong with that combination. These are things you can pick up at your local Target or grocery store – or send your kids on a hunt through the forest! They're not in school right now, they need some entertainment, right?

A. ZGallerie Tea Light Holders – similar tea light holders can be found at numerous stores if you're not lucky enough to have a ZGallerie nearby. Scatter them along the centre of your table or one at each place setting. Don't forget the candles themselves!

B. Target Gold Flatware – This one's a little redundant, but these beauties can be picked up at your local Target while you're out buying cranberry sauce, so why not?

C. Home Depot Gold Spray Paint – Another project for bored children! Spray paint can be picked up at any Lowes, Home Depot, or Ace. And there is no limit to what you can spray paint: pinecones, pumpkins, leaves.

D. Paper Source Placecards - Aren't these adorable? Sure you could maybe make these yourself, but save yourself a little time and pick these up at your nearest Paper Source.

E. West Elm Salt & Pepper Shakers – Any novelty salt & pepper shakers are A-okay in my books. These ones are on the classier side and can be used all year long.

F. World Market Wine Glasses/Champagne Flutes – We love that these are a little different from your average glassware, with their modern shape and amber color. Use the champagne flutes to greet guests when they first arrive and set the wine glasses on the table next to the water.

G. West Elm Napkins – Napkins can be picked up anywhere, but we love the muted stripes on these ones to add more pattern to the table.

H. Target Table Runner – Nate Berkus can do no wrong in my eyes, and this table runner is no exception. The leafy pattern feels very fall!

I. Ikea Table Cloth – A simple white table cloth will transform your table (or TV tray) from informal to formal, so if you're going for a more relaxed vibe then you could probably skip it.

J. World Market Charger – How fun are these tree stump chargers? They will definitely have your guests talking, although simple silver or gold would look just as lovely.

K. Bed, Bath, & Beyond Napkin Rings – Another novelty piece, but we couldn't resist! We love the idea of adding a little more color to the table and these fall tones do just the job.

L. World Market Water Glass – A little green on the Thanksgiving table never hurt anybody. See how we're keeping a similar color palette of warm hues?

M. West Elm Eucalyptus Branches – Just about any greenery will look fantastic on your Thanksgiving table (down the center, across the plate, or tucked in with the napkin ring), and don't forget the pumpkin!

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