Festival of Lights

A big part of Christmas tradition is about decorating – decorating the tree, decorating the mantle with stockings hung with care – even our gingerbread houses are decorated, and those things get eaten the next day!

At Hanukkah, we feel like the décor focus is less generalized – two things stand out the most: tabletop décor and lights, lights, lights.

Decorations during the holidays can sometimes lean towards “gimmicky”, and Hanukkah is, unfortunately, not spared. Instead, we've picked items that are sophisticated and timeless (and, okay, those menorah napkin rings are for just a little bit of fun).

Ultimately, as Hanukkah is the Festival of Lights, we wanted to pick materials and textures that were reflective and that would bounce light around the room instead of absorbing it. For example, the families who don't display their menorahs in front of a window often display them in front of a mirror. Above, this means touches of silver threaded through the napkins, pewter chargers, metallic beaded coasters, and mercury glass tea lights.

The same goes with the living room setup above. The velvet pillows have a sheen of luster and the sequined one is downright shiny! The candlelight of the candelabra will be reflected beautifully in the silver tray holding plates of jelly donuts and latkes.

To add more lighting, we love the idea of lanterns in the windows and simple string lights to drape across the mantelpiece. Not only will your house be full of family, but also reflection – of both light and your own spirituality.

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