Happy Monday and time for another installment of Getting Ready for the Holidays! The official M.Swabb Countdown tells me there are 59 days until Christmas and only 30 until Thanksgiving. Last week we looked at preparing your dining room for visitors, so I hope everybody's ordered their chandeliers and new rugs.

This week let's take a look at something a little more easy to accomplish in the next thirty days: your guest room. As was the case with last week, your guest room may already be prepared with the necessary furniture like a bed and nightstands (otherwise, why are you calling it a guest room??) and all you need are the finishing touches to let your visitors know that you have it together.

The number one thing you want to make your guests feel is comfortable (but not too comfortable, amirite?!). This includes clean sheets, extra blankets, good lighting, and a place to set their stuff whether that be a mug of coffee or the contents of their suitcase. With that in mind, the below collage is a good guide to treatin' your guest right.

If your bedframe doesn't have a headboard, now's the time to get one. Let your guest sit up in bed to read or check emails. Nightstands are also important too as they need a place to charge their phone, set down their contact lenses, etc. It's nice to be able to control the light from your bed, especially when in an unfamiliar room where being thrown into pitch black darkness could lead to a stubbed toe or two, so we recommend lamps or pendants with the switch placed locally.

If you have room, including a chair or bench in your guest room is a nice idea because people can set out their clothes or lay their suitcase - as well as hideaway and read when your family snapshots to Acapulco prove too taxing. A cozy rug, water pitcher, flowers, and mirror for last minute inspections are also good add-ons.

However, the most important thing is the bedding. It needs to feel fresh, clean, and cozy. Sometimes we don't know what our guests prefer bedding-wise, so it's good to include a coverlet, duvet cover, flat sheet, fitted sheet, and throw, as well as our normal three Euro shams, four standard pillows in a mix of down and firm, and hundreds upon hundreds of pillows (or just two or three).

And there you have it, a comfy guest room in under 30 days. Can't/won't do it yourself? Let Team M.Swabb help you!

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