As of today, we are only sixty-five days away from Christmas and a mere thirty-six from Thanksgiving. The holidays mean out of town relatives, big parties, and kids home from college leaving dirty laundry and hot pocket wrappers everywhere. While you can't do anything to get ready for that last part, there is still enough time to get ready for the influx of visitors to your home – especially the kind of visitors (cough cough mother-in-law) you're trying to impress.

Every week until Thanksgiving I'm going to post different ways to get your home ready for the holidays, based on feasibility. That means come November 25th you should be running out to Pottery Barn for last minute napkin rings with a pumpkin spice latte in hand, and not hysterically ripping Tyvek paper from the front of your house while neighbors look on in horror. With that in mind, now is the perfect time to get your dining room in order.

The good thing about the collages above is that they cover a multitude of scenarios. If you already have a table and chairs, just add a beautiful rug, contemporary lighting, a mirror, sconces, accessories, and a turkey.

If you have an empty space where your dining room should be, let our collage inspire you too! Even big pieces like a dining table and chairs or settee can be purchased in the month run up to Thanksgiving. The lead time on furniture can be at least four to eight weeks or less unless something is out of stock – although remember that the postal service is a lot slower this time of year. Furniture can also be purchased in-store and some places do same day delivery.

After everything has been purchased (and we suggest you buy your light fixture straight away so there's time to schedule an electrician), your dining room can look like our before/afters below:

Just add a turkey!

Next week, I'll be going over how to get your guest room ready in the three week run-up to Thanksgiving. Time is ticking, people, give M.Swabb a call!

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