Make like a Roman and go for marble!

The Pantheon in Rome was built around two thousand years ago with inlaid marble floors, and every year at least 1.5 million tourists walk on those floors – so why are we so scared to use marble countertops in our kitchens? While we personally haven't stepped foot in the Pantheon, Google Images confirms that those marble floors are doing just fine, along with the marble columns, the marble get the picture.

All over the internet, you'll find a thrilling debate over whether it's smart to install marble in your kitchen, and the dissenters aren't exactly wrong. Marble, especially white marble, does scratch and stain. One owner of marble countertops put it well when they said “embrace the patina!”. But that doesn't mean that the first time you spill red wine on your beautiful countertops they're ruined forever.

In addition to coming in a range of colors and veinings, marble can also be purchased in several finishes, including honed (matte), polished, and leather. While gleaming polished marble countertops do give a dramatic effect, stone suppliers recommend buying marble in a honed finish. A honed finish is created by sanding the marble and creating a surface that won't show as many scratches or flaws.

So lets move on to the good news – there has to be a reason why all those ancient Greeks and Romans used so much darn marble, right? Most people will be surprised to learn that marble is actually a cheaper option for countertops, certainly cheaper than quartz and stainless steel, and in some cases cheaper even than granite. Marble is also perfect for kitchens in that it is heat resistant, which means you can put hot pots and pans straight on it, and because it doesn't retain heat, it's perfect for rolling out dough and doing some baking. Marble is strong, it usually doesn't chip or dent, and it is always widely available. A beautiful white Carrara marble with grey veining can be found at almost any stone supplier, it won't break the bank, and you'll look like you mean business in the kitchen.

The marble countertop comes straight out of history for good reason, and its use in homes and restaurants throughout the years means that, above all, it looks classic – the little black dress of the countertops. So if you're not scared of a little hardwork and aging, make like a Roman and go for marble!

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