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What is Pen + Napkin? 

A California 501c3 approved non-profit whose mission is to provide free professional design services to solve needs in the community. We furnish and decorate the homes of families and individuals transitioning out of homeless shelters and into their first real HOME. 

"50% of families moving out of transitional homeless shelters and into their first home without furniture end up back on the street. With furniture that statistic drops to 1%." - HumbleDesign | Detroit, Mi

We aren't just installing furniture into these homes, but installing hope. 

We are designers that have experience making spaces and products both beautiful and functional. We have devoted our lives to developing our craft and talent for the professional world, but now have chosen to dedicate our time to pour back into our local and global community. Pen + Napkin exists to serve others at a professional level, giving people access to great design at no cost to those to those in need. We partner with charity groups and foundations in the local area to seek out families and individuals who could use our help.  But we also are a network of people that can help with projects. We are purely funded by our committed sponsors and generous donations. 

Are you a creative professional looking to serve your community? Please visit our volunteer page and fill out the profile. 


Interested in donating? Please click HERE and enter M. Swabb Family in the notes. 

Are you someone in need 
please click HERE And tell us your story! 

We know it is hard sleeping on the floor, but we believe it's even harder to dream without a bed. We want to get you off the floor and dreaming of a bright future. We don't just furnish homes, we furnish hope. 

Catie Rohrig-Bouchard  
President | Creative Founder

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